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Across this site many artist have been wondering how to develop a distinctive style of their own so when people look at their art they know oh this piece is definitely a (who ever the artist name is) piece. To have a distinctive style that is unique to the artist is many artist dream: but how does one develop style?

         Well the answer is not a definite one but varies for each artist, but we developed some tips that may help you on your journey to find your own unique style.

:bulletred: First we suggest not to stress about personal style to much because every artist has their own way of creating artwork and every artist is different so your artwork will always be unique to you so it is something that almost develops naturally. Also as time passes style usually emerges more and more and can change as we change.

:bulletred: Also like our personal clothing style it is a reflection of us, our personality and what we like and what is important to us. For some artist everything must look exactly like reality so they develop a cool hyper realistic style and others love anime and manga so develop their personal style around it etc. So you can try to emphasis what you like or what is important to you in your artwork.  Style is not only rooted to how we do our art or our techniques but also what we create. So take time and think what do you want people to see from your art? What is important? interpreting an emotion or telling a story? Showing details? Capturing the beauty in life?

:bulletred: If you have been doing art for a while this saying tends to pop up very often “you cannot break the rules if you don't know them” and this is true. All art styles no matter how abstract have there roots in life. Like anime and manga is a exaggerated style but the people look like people they have arms and legs and they have eyes,nose and mouth no matter how exaggerated but they still look human and this is because this famous style has its roots in life. That is why no matter how or what style in art you want to pursue or the type of art you want to create: life studies are a must. We also suggest while drawing try not to get caught up mimicking someone else style completely because if you copy exactly, you will never know the foundations that allow the artist to have a distinct style or the reason why this artist is able to exaggerate anatomy while making it look good. This is because they already have a strong foundations in  studying life. Without foundations in life studies you will be limited in your art and maybe unable to draw or create anything unique to you as a artist. Like if one wants to be a photo-manipulation artist, they cannot just put stocks together and that is it, they must unify the stocks, by making them have the same light source and same color scheme so they look like one piece but they could not have gained this knowledge without pausing and observing reality. So if you think drawing fruit baskets now are boring then just remember later you can be drawing your own cool universe. Practice, practice, practice.

:bulletred: Above we did state not to copy someone else style completely but try to draw inspiration from them instead. If you find a artist you love try to study how they paint or create their art and experiment with the technique yourself but at the same time try to make it into your own. Study many styles can help you find what you like and don't like and what you can use in your artwork. For an example an exercise is you can try, is to have a character and first draw them realistic than in comic style than in anime style and than abstract style, get a feel for each and again exercising in different style will allow to get a feel for what works for you and what you like. Be inspired by a style but we recommend never to outright copy it for this may hinder you later.

Okay that is it from us and we hope these tips on style helped you and remember guides are not a absolute certainty these tips are just general and exist so that you can try to apply to your artwork and remember to have fun :).

-Stay beautiful
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ClarkeJ Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Yes :)
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Thank you
KangTengri Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013   Photographer
interesting reflections :)
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Thank you :)
x-Pixel-Pusher-x Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013   General Artist
Thank you for this, I couldn't agree more. If there was one more ingredient I would add too the mix, it would be to have fun while doing it.
When I practice or embark on a particular painting or study, one thing I try to do if I have time is try to paint my particular subject in a funny comical manner to get the creative juices going. :)
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
I agree if one is not having fun then they will hate it and not want to try things always come easier when we are enjoying ourselves and I guess our admin forgot to add it but I will :)
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