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if you submit to the wrong folder your art will have to be declined and you will be asked to resubmit again

We have vast categories of art because we want people to be able to find art they love easier and for your art to have a better chance of being seen. So we can understand if it can be confusing or overwhelming with our 28 folders but you still must submit your art to the correct folder because a few seconds to browes will not kill you.

If there is anything ever wrong with a folder and its submission please let us knows immediately

In the order of how the folders are in the group

1.Tutorials,Stock and art aids This folder is for all arts that are tutorials, stock images or anything to help you improve your art, very straight forward, if you create a tutorial or any guide to help improve art the this is the folder for it.

Example how to draw anime or realistic art or different colors for hair and stock images

2.Games and Comics:this folder is for all art dealing with games and comics. Such as with game characters or marvel characters

example of correct submissions: X men, Pokémon games, Capcom games, Wolverine, Devil May Cry Dante & Trish.

3.Original Characters-This folder has confused some. Original characters are characters made up from your mind; they’re original ideas. You give them a name and a story

Note please don't submit art that lacks basic construction or shading, anatomy

4.Cosplays and Costumes :This folder is for all the costume and the cosplays .Its very straight forward so there should be no confusion.

example- anime characters or historical characters

5. Anime and Magna: this is a straight forward folder as well for all art that is anime style or of a anime character.

example Bleach, Yu-gi-oh, Death Note , Black Butler

If  your character is in both game or anime then you’re free to submit them to either folder and they will not be declined

6. Illustration and Conceptual for all art that shows a story or conveys a idea

Example game concepts, character concepts or story art

7.Abstract   :This folder is also straight forward for all abstract if you need a definition on them then it is in the folder

Note-if it is trying to convey an emotion then you must submit it to emotion folder

8.Fantasy and surreal: This folder is for all dealing with Fantasy and mythology, and surreal art type

Example mythological creatures, famous heroes, goddess and gods, fish flying through the sky.

Note- Not all fantasy art goes in this folder ...please put sci-fi art in their own folder

9. Gothic and Dark:This folder is for all arts that are dark or gothic, it’s pretty straightforward and so far no one has had an issue with this folder

Example-bloody hearts, demons, ghost, vampires etc.

10. Sci-fi: This folder is for all science fiction art, such as in movies or from your imagination

Example Aliens, outer space wars or war crafts, futuristic technology, robots or androids.

Note-all fantasy art is NOT sci-fi so please know the difference

11. Emotion and Expressive:this is for all arts that convey an emotion or expressing one, portray and emotion, capture and emotion or interrupt an emotion. This folder may be confusing to some but it is basically art that has emotion

Example-expressions of rage, smiling people, tears etc.

12.Cartoons:This is for all  none anime cartoons or art the is drawn like a regular cartoon, also a straight forward folder but please don’t submit doodle style cartoons

Example- Ben 10, SpongeBob, Simpsons

13.Dolls: This folder has to be one of the more simpler ones this is for all arts dolls.
example- Actual dolls such as  Luts or ball jointed dolls, Barbie and porcelain glass dolls.

14.Artisans craft:this folder is for all artisans work because the art of creating works of jewelry and etc. is art to. This is a very straightforward folder, if you hand make jewels and other craft then it goes in here

Example handmade craft such as jewels

15.People :This folder is one that has confused people because now this folder will no longer accept celebrity art because celebrities have their own folder. So this folder is for all none celebrity people

Example Random models, random people you may draw etc.

NO! Celebrity art they have their own folder

16.Celebrities and famous characters :. This folder is for all celebrity and famous character art

This is the most difficult folder because people I guess decided not to read or didn’t get the message that celebrities have a folder.

Example Lady Gaga, Black Swan, Keira Knightly

17. Erotic,Pin-Up and Art Nudes :This folder is for all erotic art or art with nudes or sexual content Please no Pornography!keep it classy keep it clean

Example- art nudes, seductive photographs and pin-ups

18. Fashion,Glamor and Fetish:This folder is pretty straight forward as well, for all arts dealing with the fashion world

Example Fashion shots, Glamor shots and clothes design etc.

19. Tattoos,Make-up and Body art: This is a very straight forward folder that is for tattoos,make up or face art and body art and tattoo designs

-please do not submit photo-manipulations in this folder

20. Historical:This folder is for all arts dealing with history or a historical character or historical event

Example- Cleopatra, Helene of Troy, Alexander the great etc.

21.Literature : This is for all arts dealing with words, this is very straightforward folder.

Example-Poetry, stories, fan-fictions

:bulletred: Please do not submit hateful pieces or art or anything that insults others view points to the extent it becomes hateful ( feel free to submit anything of your views but please try to do it respectfully)

22. Nature and landscape :This folder is very straightforward and is all the arts dealing with nature and the natural world,landscape art.

Example- flowers, landscape art etc.

23. Animals and Antro : This folder is for all works dealing with the animal kingdom, or anthro ( aninmals with human characteristics) its straight forward

Example-Dogs, cats, dolphins, dancing cats etc.

Please don’t submit any half humans half beats they go either in the fantasy or sci-fi folders </b>

24. Film,Animation and Flash very straight forward this is for all animated arts,films and all art done of adobe Flash
Example art done on adobe flash, moving icons etc.

25. Architecture and Sculpture :This folder is straightforward for all arts that are about sculptures and statures or building or structures
Example Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Washington memorial, Castles mansions, weird street signs

26. Vehicles:This folder is straightforward for all vehicles

Example-Cars and motorcycles, bikes etc.

27. Critique :For all artist that want a instant critique or tips on improving. All members are free to give a respectful critique on the art in this folder.
Please Note  The requirement of this folder is more flexible than others but it is still a gallery in this group. This folder does have less strict quality standards but this does not mean you can submit work that violates our rules, such as snap shots with no artistic attempt, doodles, poor line art, work that has no stock listing etc.

2 submission per month

How to get a critique
1. Just submit and wait for approval

How to give a critique
1. All members are free to give a respectful critique to recent pieces in the folder.

2. Post critique in comment section or critique widget if a premium member

3. Please post our icon when you give a critique in this folder
example- " Hello I am a part of beaute-lamour and here to give you a critique you requested"

4. Then please send us a note with the link to the comment or piece you critiqued because we would love to see it :)
- If you note us with 3 critiques you have given, if you wish the admins will provide feedback on your gallery.

28.Miscellaneous and other arts: it is impossible to make a folder for every art  category so if your art does not fit into any of the other folders then please submit here :)
Sorry if I left out a major category but I am only human

:bulletred: submissions here must meet group submission criteria to be accepted PLEASE DON'T BE LAZY AND SUBMIT ART HERE THAT HAS A FOLDER
coldseptember Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you for the very clear explanation of folders, for some groups it is not so clear, so that is a big help!
loveforart101 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Your welcome :) we try to save artist time by creating this link it can be confusing in some groups especially with a lot of folders like ours so that's why we wrote this to give a general explanation of them and I happy you found it useful. 
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