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:bulletblack: :bulletblack: Rules and Guidelines of the group please read :bulletblack: :bulletblack:

This group is art collection,  it is for art lovers, growing artist and artist who just want to share their art work. We aim for quality and to be the best group we can be for our artist, we are not here to be a biggest DA group, but just to share the beauty of diversity with others . Our gallery consist of art from the skill level of intermediate to advance ( beginners are welcomed, all artist are welcomed but please be mindful of the skill level we wish to showcase.) Thank you for your time :)

:bulletblack: Basic Group Rules :bulletblack:

:bulletblue:This group reserves the right to decline submissions that violate our rules

:bulletblue: Please No harassment, rude comments to members or admins on the occasions submission is declined or  ANY other time., Admins take time out of their lives and busy schedules to be here so please be respectful. We want to promote a safe environment for everyone in the group to be comfortable.

-If you have a question about submission or any other topic that concerns this group then please notify us  on the submission or via note

:bulletblue: If you spam our page with nonsense, or are harassing admins after a declined submission, or harass any other member, then you will be blocked from this group and reported.

:bulletblue: If you need help with anything,promotions a personal contest  or want to reach out for points etc. then please let us know we will be happy to find a way to help.

:bulletblack: General Submission Guidelines :bulletblack:

:bulletyellow: Please Submit your OWN work!
-Don’t steal or use other deviant artiest work! Or any other artist, this is really important. If you steal it you will be discharged and blocked from the group. Please we all are artiest so there is no need to steal .
-If you see stolen work in our gallery then please we encourage you to note one of the admins, let us know immediately and we will investigate.

:bulletyellow:Please submit art to the proper folder and submit only three art works each month to each folder.
-In each folder there will be a brief description of what types of art must go in that folder; so there should be no confusion but if there is just ask.

-Here is a link that shows a description of all the folders and what art should go into…

:bulletyellow:Please no screen shots or official copyright image manipulation (no wallpapers or celebrity collages, or any collages unless its of your art ).
-But animation creations are allowed as long as you created it .

:bulletyellow: Please NO HATE or DISCRIMINATORY ART or art that attacks other members, including admins

:bulletyellow: Please DO NOT SUBMIT PERSONAL ADVERTISEMENTS INTO THE GALLERY such as journals of contest, events or promotional contest posters etc. If you wish the advertise an event of yours then please note us and we will be happy to aid with any personal promotion that is other than an art piece.

:bulletyellow: Please don't submit body part such as arms,torso or only feet. The only time body parts are considered is if it is being submitted for Fashion, Make-up or artisan craft folders.

:bulletyellow: There is a limit of three submissions per month to each folder, do not submit same art piece to different folders

:bulletyellow:   There is no submitting to the featured folder
-every month featured folders is updated.

:bulletyellow: Must be a member to submit to our gallery

:bulletblack: Submission Quality Guidelines :bulletblack:

:bulletred: Please submit your best, all art must be finished and complete.
  - please do not submit any doodles or incomplete works,basic line arts, scraps and bases, No retouches of official images or official image renders, No before or after progress pieces, random practice sketches, adoptables, No pixel dolls or icons, No  poorly done character/brainstorm concept pieces, No pixilated pictures ( with to much grains or blurry or to out of focus) , or works with no attempt at artistic value ( means you did not even try or did  to little to communicate artistry in your piece) or OR IT WILL BE DENIED

:bulletred: 3Ds-please submit them in good quality
-avoid submitting 3Ds with blocking and not smooth anatomy or pieces that appear not to fit together in you composition.
-Please show some attempt at natural lighting and texture.

:bulletred: photo-manipulations-each piece must blended
-this means proper cropping blending of stocks to make the pieces look unified as one image, also blended and textures,same source lighting and color.
-Please cleanly crop your stocks and please edit them
-please credit or link to stocks used and NO official images used, such as from games or celebrities.

:bulletred: Painting and drawings must be of good quality- all art, must show knowledge of  basic construction and good composition
- some knowledge lighting and shading is demonstrated
-must show knowledge of accurate proportion and anatomy
-knowledge of basic perspective
- good line work ( if any)
- please submit work that shows some level of artistry.

:bulletred: Photography- No common snapshots please!
-which means if you submit a picture please let it have some artistic or some kind of meaning behind it.
-please no random pics of yourself or Deviant IDs of yourself or your pet or self shots.
-No blur unintentional blur, dullness or white washed, not to much grain, must be in focus, please clean up pictures so poor quality does not take away from your piece.

:bulletred: Artisans craft must be of  good quality
-Please try to be original, we don't really want to see a piece of string with bracelet with beads.
-Please try to get the craft in a good quality image with nothing else to distract from the piece.
-If you sow or knit, same rules apply
-Clay or carved pieces please try to  get good form and  so what you sculpt resembles the actual thing.
- Please don't submit pieces from multiple angles, we just want to see your best.

:bulletred: Please NO PORNOGRAPHY! Nudity and sexual art is allowed and even welcomed as long as it is tasteful and artistic nude.</b>
-meaning if the piece is for erotic purpose then it must be done with subtly ( please see erotic folder for examples)
-Pieces that are not allowed are ones that clearly show, stroking of private areas, oral,penetration or any type of ejaculation etc.

If we declined your piece it is because it violated one of our rules or we strongly felt there was room to improve the composition. Our decisions to accept or declined is never based on our opinion of the artist, we judge what is being presented only. So if we do decline it is nothing personal. If you wish to know why a submission was declined then please ask us privately. Also we made a basic list of common reasons why art is…

If you have any questions then please ask and stay beautiful :love:
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Submitted on
June 2, 2011